I owe a lot to Gary, he’s instilled in me a fearless and creative attitude towards my work that ultimately led me to landing my first lead role in Lars Von Triers ‘Nymphomaniac’. I’m very certain that would not have happened without his challenging and inspiring training. He has taught me acting as a real craft, enabling me to go straight to the core of a scene and explore characters beyond my intellectual capability and understanding. 


Nymphomaniac - Lars Von Trier, All The Money In The World - Ridley Scott, Vox Lux - Brady Corbet

I went to Gary when I felt I’d hit a brick wall, I was booking work but often I felt I lacked technique and consistency. Gary immediately stripped everything back and started laying foundations in my work, that had never been there. His ability to get to the core of any scene and provide a concise, clear and true way to approach acting has been a revelation to me. I now go to him with every new role I take on, we build a character from the bottom up and explore every behaviour possible both emotionally and physically. For the first time in my career I have found confidence in my ability and what possibilities could be out there, I owe a lot of that new found confidence to Gary and his approach. He is brilliant to work with as he will often turn a scene on its head and find an innovative way to explore the text. He encourages risks, something that is paramount for an actor. Gary has consistently opened up my emotional senses, something which I struggled with before. Like any great coach he inspires, always digs out the truth and isn’t afraid to push me to the limit and for that I hold him in the highest regard.


Outlander - Sony Pictures, The House That Jack Built - Lars Von Trier, Breathe - Imaginarium Prods, Wolf Hall - BBC, Downton Abbey - ITV,

Gary’s sensitivity and rigour pushes me to find my way into parts;  encouraging me to explore and personalise every aspect of the role in order to build the bridge between what is on the page and my own investment in the part. Every time I work with Gary, I come out with the confidence to go on set, or into an audition, fully prepared, open and excited about the work. Anyone looking for a great acting coach: Gary Condes is your man.


Game Of Thrones - HBO, Siren - Disney TV, VS - BBC Films

Always teaching from the heart, Gary inspires you to fearlessly expand your imagination and to be truly alive in your work. He is firm, but always fair and has the ability to see the uniqueness in every actor. An immensely generous spirit, who pushes you to dig deep and find not only the truth in your character, but the truth in yourself. I feel extremely lucky to have been coached by Gary, he has helped me to develop hugely as an actress. 


Tulip Fever - Paramount, The Bye Bye Man - STX Ents, Doctor Thorne - Amazon Studios

Never have I worked on the craft so deeply and precisely. Gary has an amazing capacity to see what you need and to pinpoint that precise thing that will make you better. He is one of the few authentic acting teachers out there and is definitely one of a kind. I strongly suggest grabbing any chance to work with him. Every actor should do the 12 Week Intensive. I want to do it again.


Fantastic Beasts 2 - Warner Bros, The Merry Wives Of Windsor - RSC, La Strada - No.1 UK Tour

Gary is a fantastic coach. His understanding of craft and finding what’s right for each character is second to none. What I love about his work is its totally grounded in the truth and reality of the script. No flab, no vague choices, just boiling down to the meat, the true essence – something that casting directors really respond too. His work goes to the guts. If you want to be a ‘real actor’ work with Gary, you won’t regret it.


(Prime Suspect VII - ITV, V For Vendetta - Warner Bros, Brothers Grimm - Miramax)

The best class to get your acting into shape in London. Anyone with the chance to work on acting with Gary should take it. A compassionate, no bullshit, teacher and coach. One of the best out there


Legends - Fox US, Mission Impossible 4 - Paramount Pictures, The Illusionist - Warner Brothers

Gary has a unique ability to understand your fears and inhibitions and gives you the tools to let go of them all. He’s has guided me throughout my career and I would chose a course with him over a workshop at any esteemed Theatre Company any day. Actually, I did! Because that’s how valuable he is to me.


Fantastic Beasts 2 - Warner Bros, Chimerica - CH4, Berlin Station - Paramount TV, Carlos - Olivier Assayas

Working with Gary on my role for ‘Berlin Station’ gave me a lot of confidence on set. We explored the scenes in depth and I realised things about the character that I wouldn’t have thought to ask myself. Gary gave me a completely new perspective on how to approach the work and I have quickly learned to apply his teachings to auditions and jobs alike. He is definitely a friend and coach that I love to have in my corner


Ben Hur - MGM Studios, A Discovery Of Witches - Sky1, Another Mothers Son - Bill Kenwright Films

Training with Gary is one of the best things ever happened to me. His skill for the craft of acting together with his energy and sensitivity are very inspiring. He has brought out the best in me and since training with him I have landed roles in two feature films that have premiered at Cannes Film Festival. I couldn’t have wished for a better teacher and mentor


Youth - Paolo Sorrentino, Outlander - Sony Pictures, Genezis - Focus Fox Studios

Gary’s creative attitude and self-less dedication to the development of each of his students is far superior to most acting training offered in the UK. I’ve learnt how to express myself much more freely and fearlessly and i’ve also become more sensitive in reacting to the behaviour of others. For honest, practical and razor-sharp acting training and coaching which will help you to truly progress as an actor, go and see Gary. Immediately.


The Merry Wives of Windsor - RSC, Glue - CH4, New Voices - Old Vic Theatre

I’ve never met a teacher who has such a profound understanding of the craft of acting and also able to boil it down to its essence and give it to you so you understand it. Working with him is like building a house together, but it’s up to me how I’m going to decorate it.


Beck Is Back - RTL TV, Crossing Lines - NBC America, Der Knastarzt - ZDF TV

Your time and money spent with Gary will be well worth it. He challenges and encourages and I’ve always found him to have the greatest sensitivity when he coaches. I went to Gary for help, after landing a lead role in a West End play and was struggling with a particular aspect of my character. During our session we explored and discovered the driving force behind the character and what had been blurred was now suddenly focused. It’s been four months into the run and the work we did is still growing.


Zero Dark Thirty - Kathryn Bigelow, Harlots - ITV, Macbeth - Almeida Theatre

Gary’s practical and ‘tough love’ approach, coupled with his deep sensitivity and care towards his students results in truthful, independent actors. He stopped me from ‘acting’ and taught me the discipline of honing my craft and the art of being in the moment whilst still pursuing my objective vital to the story. As a teacher and private audition coach, I cannot recommend him enough.


24: Live Another Day - SKY1, The Great Wave - National Theatre, Summer Rolls - Royal Court Theatre

Gary’s approach to coaching is very practical, once he identifies the challenges in the scene, we put it on its feet, get to work and road test it. It’s very organic. I always feel I’m in the presence of someone who knows what they are doing, which puts me at ease and helps to create the best results. His extensive knowledge and experience of the industry always equips me with the essential tools to get the job and then do the job to the best of my ability.


(Peaky Blinders - BBC 1, Rush - Ron Howard, Medici - Netflix)

I have experienced many so-called ‘acting teachers’ but Gary is one of the very few who really understands the principals and wisdom behind the craft of acting and really knows how to apply it in the most practical, truthful and generous way. He seeks tirelessly to help you reach places that you never believed you were able to get to.


Mission Impossible - Paramount Pictures, The Three Musketeers - BBC1, Hunter’s Prayer - Saban Films

Training with Gary is definitely one of the best decisions I have ever made. I now feel so much more courageous, purposeful, able to make bold choices and execute them and have a technique, which I feel I can rely on. He immediately identifies exactly what needs to be worked on to get right to the essence of the character and the circumstances. Gary is such an inspiring, passionate, supportive, dedicated teacher and always gets the most out of the time spent and I whole heartedly trust him to help me prepare for any casting or job.


Angry Indian Goddesses - Jungle Book Ents, Casualty - BBC1, Hollyoaks - CH4

Gary’s vast experience, knowledge and passion really inspired me to push myself past my own limitations and enabled me to delve deeper than ever before. I’ve learnt what it is to be truly connected and in the moment which now takes the pressure off “performing”. Gary’s attention to detail and specificity is key. His encouragement and patience to get the best out of everyone is a gift.


Shetland - ITV, Catastrophe - CH4, The Importance of Being Earnest - Theatre Royal Bath

Gary is an immensely talented and dedicated teacher. He knows exactly how to identify the areas that need attention so that you get to perform at your best. He is very easy to work with and his approach is extremely practical easily applied and gets active results.


The Romanoffs - Netflix TV, Hunter Killer - Millennium Films, Strike Back - Sky1, The Arrest of Ai Weiwei - Hampstead Theatre

I have worked privately with Gary on preparation for castings and subsequently on many roles for TV & Film. Whether it is text analysis, character work, problem solving or just general guidance, Gary is a wonderfully helpful, generous an supportive teacher and coach, who always gets the best out of me. 


Waterloo Road - BBC1, New Tricks - BBC1, Coronation Street - ITV

Actors, you need to check out this great coach and teacher working in London. I did his 12 Week Intensive course and bloody loved it. 


(Casualty - BBC1, Coronation Street - ITV1, Emmerdale - ITV1, The Full Monty - No.1 UK Tour)

It really was a privilege to be a part of Gary’s course. I finished the course with a fresh, reinstated and enhanced box of tools, along with a clear process of how to prepare for a role. He helped to really activate my acting, through the process of personalisation I now know to only make choices that really engage me, which has hugely improved my acting


Just Molly & Me - Finished Films, Star Cross’d - British Film Council

In only one week Gary developed in me the honesty and truth I had rarely experienced in my own career. This is called ‘acting from the gut’. Gary is a wonderful tutor I cannot recommend him enough, if like me you want to bring a greater intensity to your acting ability Mr Condes is your Man!


One Moment In Time - Her Majesty's Theatre, We Will Rock You - Dominion Theatre, Top Hat - No.1 UK Tour

My training with Gary was life changing. It was illuminating. He teaches in a way that I found very accessible and clear, there is no voodoo to his teaching, just getting right to the core of things.


Unser Kind - Swiss TV SRF1, 1476 - Murten Productions

I know I can trust Gary to help me find the solution to any acting challenge. What I love about his teaching is his ‘no nonsense’ approach. He won’t speak until he feels he really has to. This gives you a sense of ownership to discover the solution for yourself with him being there to guide you in the right direction. You are both working together, moment to moment, to discover the deepest truth of your character from within.


Viceroy’s House - Pathé, Linda - Royal Court, Tartuffe -Theatre Royal Haymarket

Training with Gary has truly been a life changing experience for me. His dedication, perception and ability to challenge me to go deeper as an actor and discover for myself the very beating heart of what I’m doing has allowed me to find the courage and faith to really live moment to moment on stage. Reaching new levels of truth in my work, I unequivocally trust him to always get the very best out of me.


Game Of Thrones - HBO

I learnt more about my acting and the craft from Gary than anyone else and all my acting studies. For me Gary is a great ‘Sherpa’ working beside me to touch into parts of myself that could become organically part of the creative journey. I recommend his work wholeheartedly.


Star Wars I & II - Lucas Films, The Gigolos - Film4, Nocturne - Bonafide Films