“Director Gary Condes has a fine eye for nonverbal details that make clear every unspoken grievance and
implicit insecurity, making this a finely-performed character piece, engaging and satisfyingly spiky.
Style and strong characterisation lift this production of LaBute’s bitter black comedy.”


(‘Some Girls’  by Neil LaBute)

During the last 5 years my career has naturally evolved from teaching and coaching acting into directing theatre and film.

I have directed plays at West End and Off-West End theatres including Trafalgar Studios and Park Theatre: ‘Miss Julie’, ‘Some Girls’ (‘Off-West End’ award nominee for ‘Best Director’ & ‘Best Production’), ‘Luv ‘(‘Off-West End’ award nominee for ‘Best Director’) and ‘Two For The Seesaw’.

I have also worked as director, producer, writer and actor, on a number of short films which have been recognised with several awards and nominations at International Film Festivals including: Best Short’ Asians On Film Festival – Los Angeles, ‘Best Original Comedy’ WorldFest Film Festival – Houston, ‘Best International Short’ Indie Spirit Film Festival – Colorado Springs, ‘Excellence in Filmmaking’ Barcelona International Film Festival, ‘Best Short Berlin Independent Film Festival, ‘Best Comedy’ Portobello Film Festival – London.

At this moment in time, my work in theatre and film, whether drama or comedy, is focused on intimate, relationship based stories with a view to examining what it is to be human in all its dimensions. My creative process is concerned with developing and creating character driven pieces that demand truthful, detailed, nuanced performances and fully realised characterisation. 

The actors performance is the beating heart of any production I work on. I hope to engage and move audiences on a fully emotional level. There is a story to get involved with, a journey to embark on and characters to empathise with. My aim is to get the audience out of their heads and into their hearts and guts. I want audiences to feel more and think less.

With all my endeavours I hope to create work that takes us on a journey of self-discovery and shines a light in a corner of a truth that is bright enough for us to take a real look at ourselves as humans. I’m a firm believer that a finely acted, well written, creatively produced piece of theatre, film or TV is one of the most effective ways to learn about what it is to be human and lead us toward how we might go about living life and why.